The aim of the NAAME (New Anglia Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering) Sector Group:

Create a network that will seek to grow the sector and shape the future through working together.

NAAME seeks to focus on:


To ensure Engineering & Manufacturing businesses needs are heard


To ensure a skilled & experienced workforce for both now and the future


Through embedding lean manufacturing


To help businesses exploit ideas & develop new products, procedures, & services


To identify new opportunities and grow sales


To identify new partners, customers, and suppliers.

NAAME works with…


Develop your businesses and your supply chain by working in collaboration with like minded people. Build your personal network and help to shape the future of Advanced Engineering and High Value Manufacture in Norfolk and Suffolk

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Becoming a student member of NAAME gives you access to amazing resources and opportunities. Student Members get the chance to contribute to one of the fastest growing networks in the UK and opportunities to meet and learn from sector leaders.

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NAAME Works with Academic and Public Sector organisations to stay at the cutting edge of research and policy.

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To continue to grow manufacturing in Norfolk and Suffolk businesses faces significant challenges, including:

Securing finance – Finding the pathway to access funds from investment banks and government support schemes

Skills – With the estimated demand for an additional 580,000 engineers (from 2007-17) the need to encourage students to take up careers in engineering, and up-skill today’s workforce, is paramount.

Innovating – Through product & service development, as well as identifying new customer markets and realising the innovation potential from suppliers, customers and staff.

Technology development – Effective knowledge transfer mechanisms and addressing the decreasing spend on R&D in England.

Accessing Business Support – As more than 95% of all manufacturing is carried out by SME’s that are trying to juggle the demands of each day with a small workforce, whilst looking ahead to the challenges of tomorrow.